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The "Marktgemeinde Bisamberg" (market town Bisamberg) including the village of Klein-Engersdorf is situated approx, 5 km northeast of Vienna on the left embankment of river Danube
at an altitude of 190 m above sealevel and can easily be reached via Bundesstraße B3 and Autobahn A22 respect. (Exit Korneuburg).



Besides the familiar "Heurigen"-places (wine-taverns) in Bisamberg and Klein-Engersdorf the local gastronomy makes every effort to satisfy their patrons. 

The originally rural community is generally well-know beyond the regional borders due to its excellent wines.
The wine-growing regions of Bisamberg are classic grounds since the days of the Roman Emporer Probus.
Wine of Bisamberg - documentary-proofed - was already consumed at the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815).
Nowadays interested persons may test the quality of the wines from Bisamberg and Klein-Engersdorf at the BISAMBERGER-WINE-TASTING-EVENT
which takes place every year an the 1. sunday after Ash-Wednesday.


Due to the neighbourhood of the large City of Vienna in the meantime Bisamberg has become a popular residence and outing place within the vicinity of the Austrian Capital.
The community administration makes strong efforts to maintain the rural character of the place. Especially in the center of the village such endeavours are quite evident.
Here, the OLD CORN-LOFT belonging to the Castle of Bisamberg was acquired by the community and transformed into a modern Multi-Purpose-Hall.
In this construction balls, concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, family- and company celebrations (wedding parties), seminars, congresses but also religious events take place.
This prestigious center of the community enables even unobjectionable performance of large community events under bad weather conditions.


Visitors to Bisamberg should see in any case the curch and the historically valueable "stations of the Cross".
The curch is supposed having been built already in 1294. it consists of a triple-bay romanic main aisle with an adjacent square apse which has been enlarged by a choir-room
in late-gothic style with reticulated vaults and pointed arch windows. During the 17th century the main aisle has been provided with a barrel-vault with arches.
The baroque western facade with the to-day`s cupola-shaped tower was constructed in 1736/37. The "way of the Cross" in Bisamberg originates from 1691 and deviates from the usual 14 stations of Christ`s passion.
In Bisamberg, each of the 11 stations has direct reference to the writings of the Holy Bible.It begins with the "Farewell fromn the mother" and ends with the "crucification".
The disposition reminds of the "Holy stairs" in Rome. The life-sized figures of sans-stone are a mixture of early-baroque patterns with gothic features.
They are the work of unknow local artists.


In Klein-Engersdorf the "St.Veits"-church at the border to the neighbouring village of Hagenbrunn and the "rectory" in the center of the village are worth to be seen.
The foundation of the church is supposed to originate from the beginning of the 11th century.
The house of worship was enlarged in 1440. In 1772 the tower and the main-aisle were completely reconstructed.

The rectory in the center of the village built in 1727 after a great fire is one of the most beautiful rectories of the Benedictine friars in Austria and corresponds in its basic design with an old manor-house.
In previous days it was used as the summer-residence by tha abbots of the "Scotch" Benedictine order in Vienna.