National Park Neusiedler See

Come to Burgenland - a land made for leisure and pleasure awaits you, tucked between the Alps and the Puszta, natured by the sun.
You can expect a warm welcome in every corner of this holiday land, not just on the shores of the stunning Neusiedler See - the region has camp-sites and top hotels,
traditional vineyard taverns and stylish star-rated restaurants aplenty.

The Steppensee is another summer attraction, perfectly designed by nature - only 1 to 2 metres deep with gently sloping shores. Perfect even for toddlers.
The year-round wind is a friend to ice-surfers as well as summer sailors and surfers. But this holiday paradise extends well beyond the shoreline: cycling, horseriding, angling,
golf, tennis and many other holiday pleasures. In Burgenland the water`s always clear and cool in the myriad other lakes, in indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

A little Hungarian and Bohemian, a little Austria, mixed for centuries into a delicious concoction - Pannonian cuisine, fit for any gourmet.
The ingredients grow right on our doorstep - flavoursome fruit and vegetables, plenty of spice, well-fed poultry and game, fresh fish and excellent wine.
This all goes to make a banquet, served with pleasure. The genuine hospitality is a tangible in the sociable wine taverns and comfortable inns as in fine gourmet restaurants,
where chefs give full flight to their imagination.

Amidst the vineyards on a balmy evening, the sun smoulders in the wine, the same sun that gave it life. Our gentle climate, excellent soil and centuries of wine-growing tradition
are the key to the works of art produced in Burgenland`s cellars. A pleasure for the palate, sustenance for the soul. The vineyards around the Neusiedler See produce excellent dry wines,
but also that rare and delicious dessert wine "Trockenbeerenauslese" , which is only found in two other wine regions of the world.
Superlative, award winning red wine grapes flourish in Blaufränkischland
and southern Burgenland vineyards.

Unique species of fauna and flora, rare and exotic birds are a source fascination toscientists and nature-lovers. It is with good reason that a quarter of Burgenland
has been made a nature reserve, Austria`s first internationally acknowledged National Park, which stretches across the frontier from Seewinkel into Hungary.
The saltwater lake area is inhabited by more than 300 rare plants and animals that are found nowhere else in Europe.
Come and discover Nature as is should be.

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