Caféhaus - Anecdotes

Not only poets spent their free time at the café "Central" but also the Mayor of Vienna Karl Lueger and a young Russian emigrant called Laib Bronstein, better known as Mr. Trotzky.
A civil servant of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reading a newspaper expressed his opinion on the article about the Russian revolution:
"Who is going to revolutionize Russia, surely not Mr Bronstein sitting at the Café Central?"

Alfred Polgar wrote the following about the café Central which he visited regularly:
The "Central" is a place for people who have to kill time in order not to be killed by it.

When Peter Altenberg had died the "Central" lost its importance as a meeting place for poets.
They all moved to the newly established café "Herrenhof".
"Only mummies keep their word" wrote Anton Kuh.

Five men came to a Viennese café and order something.
Each wanted something diferent..
"A cup of light coffee with plenty milk!"
A cup of tea and milk!"
A cup of coffee with milk!"
A cup of coffee with little milk!"
A cup decaffeinated coffee with a little cold milk!"
The waiter went to the kitchen and ordered: "5 coffees please!"

Tallyerand stated: "Coffee has to be hot like hell, black as the devil, pure like an angel and sweet as love."

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