Coffee house - Offers


Mocca small or large (a simple or double the amount of coffee with the single or double amount of water )

Melange ( simple amount of coffee with hot milk and milk foam a lot )

Einspänner(variation of mocha, he is in the glass and served with whipped cream )

Fiaker ( a mocha served in a glass with rum )

Kapuziner ( black coffee with a dash of milk - brown as the habit of a Capuchin friar )

Franciscaner ( Melange very light, with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles )

Maria Theresa ( mocha mixed with a dash of orange liqueur )

Mazagran ( Mocca is cooled with ice cubes and mixed with Marascino )

Viennese iced coffee ( vanilla ice cream with a cooled mocha and lots of whipped cream )

In olden days, one has ordered the coffee by color.
In coffee manor there was a legendary upper Hermann , who carried with him and his guests could always order each a painter on the desired stain color chart with 20 shades that were numbered them.

In order to secure the coffee houses survival was extended the offer.
During the continental blockade by Napoleon as to give no coffee beans in Vienna, the concessions on wine and snacks were extended .
Warm pastries made ​​their entrance .

Only much later tonight's Coffee Restaurant was born , in which one often finds an excellent cuisine that rivals any restaurant in any wa

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