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The Café Prückel, one of the few remaining Cafés built in the style of the Vienna Ringstrasse, opened in 1903 and has ever since been among those Viennese cafés that offer everything for the sophisticated coffee-lover.

Here at the Café Prückel, with its traditional atmosphere and tasteful ambience, the guest will find all those things that have made the Viennese cafés worldfamous:
the most important national and international newspapers, excellent Viennese cuisine, fresh home-made cakes and pastries, and of course the Viennese coffee specialities -
served with the traditional glass of water. Especially popular among our guests is the original "Prückel-Creme", served in a a special kind of glass.

The Café was renovated in 1989 in the style of the Fifties by the known Viennese architect Oswald Haerdtl and by Professor Johannes Spalt; especially impressive are the high ceilings and large premises.

At the Prückel, you still find the time and the right atmosphere for an interesting discussion or for reading a newspaper or a good book, away from the hectic pace of everyday life...
Café Prückel also houses a "card-playing room", located in the "golden hall" that was finished in 1995.

Piano Music

Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Café Prückel!

The Viennese Café in the style of the good old days - meeting the demands of today!

A- 1010 Wien, Stubenring 24 

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