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Café Sperl

Strolling through "Mariahilf", the 6th District of Vienna and home to Café Sperl, one is immediately struck by the eclectic spirit of the neighbourhood. Ornate stained glass, Rococo ornamentation and iron filigree abound at every turn.

The delights of the area are innumerable - not the least of which is the Café Sperl, a registered landmark well known to those who take great pleasure in a satisfying cup of coffee.

In a culture where modern efficiency is considered an assault, the 6th District has itself true to the ways and customs of old Vienna.
The spirit of the area lies in its love of tradition and all things that are truly Austrian, and the Sperl is no exception.

As you approach Café Sperl, listen intently to the echoes of times past. You´ll find them in every arched doorway, in every manicured garden and in the serene composure of the Viennese themselves. Retreating into the Sperl, you´ll be immediately captured by a spirit that transcends the boundaries of time and trend: the interior of the Sperl is as unique as its coffee. Cherubs wreathe the ceiling above. Antique glass and brass chandeliers fill the cafe with warm light. The wall clock hangs far above eye level, as if to deny any relevance of time during a visit to the Sperl.

Over the years, artists, musicians, students, statesmen, and heads of commerce have come to Café Sperl for "Gemütlichkeit" or "cozy charm". Guests are welcomed at the door by a memeber of the staff. After selcting a table and placing their order, patrons chat with friends...reflect on the day´s events...or linger over a good book or newspaper.

The patrons are brought together by their love of great coffee and true Viennese atmosphere. Graciously served from a silver tray, the cup, napkin and spoon are accompanied by the traditional symbol of Viennese hospitality - a glass of water to lift a patron´s spirit.

The Sperl is a place where friends and loved ones meet to break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Most significantly, it is a monument to simple, daily pleasures. Prepare to experience the most Viennese of coffeehouses - the incomparable Café Sperl.

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