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Aigner BrigitteJubiläumsstr. 1 02252/62 313
Biegler OthmarWienerstr. 16-18 02252/62 196
FassbinderhofWienerstr.22 02252/62187
Freudorfer AlfredWienerstr. 21 Tel.62 4 97
Freudorfer Ingrid Pfaffstä
Grill RobertSchellmanng.27 0664/91 71 611
Grill ThomasWienerstr. 81 02252/62164
Hasenöhrl HerbertWienerstr. 24 02252/62457
Heimburg ErichRotes Mäuerl 02252/62109
Heuriger SchalekMödlingerstraße 1 0664/168 88 58
Heurigenrest. 3-er Haus Schrannenplatz 30676/7837090
Hofer HannesNeustiftgasse 4 02252/62110
Hofer LeopoldWienerstr.30 02252/62495
Holocher-Ertl FriedrichWienerstr. 87 0699/17062062
Hühnel Hans GeorgK. Schellmanngasse 270699/11399103
Kamper ChristianNeustiftgasse 14 02252/62949
Kaufmann HannsMödlingerstr.22 02252/62182
Keller IngeWienerstr.25 02252/62 987
Luegmayer AntonWienerstr. 4 0676/5060012
Pinter Freysmuth WaltraudNeustiftgasse 47 02252/62270
Pinter HemutWienerstr. 48 02252/62146
Proisl MarleneWienerstr.6 0676/6367541
Raubal AloisWienerstr. 34 02252/62156
Rechtberger Friedrich K.Schellmanngasse 2702252/62118
Reisenhofer JosefWienerstr. 20 0699/17110016
Rieger MichaelNeustiftgasse 36 02252/63187
Schabl ChristianKirchengasse 6 0676/3195613
Schnitzer OthmarNeustiftgasse 37 02252/62385
Spätrot HeurigerWienerstr.1 0664/88439010
Stöger NorbertJubiläumsstr.13 0680/2347064
Straitz Elisabeth u. KlausKirchengasse 4 0664/4974983
Veigl-Hütteim Weingebirge 0669 / 17062062
Weingut KrebelkaWienerstr. 6302252/63570
Weingut Krug-Altes Zechhaus Kirchenplatz 102252/62247
Weingut Spaetrot Jubiläumsstr.4302252/61164
WinzerheurigerK. Schellmanngasse 2702252/63210
Zierer HaraldBadenerstr. 36 02252/607302

Rotgipfler und Zierfandler are of excellent quality, they have established Gumpoldskirchen`s reputation.
Other popular species are: Burgunder, Neuburger, Rheinriesling, Welschriesling and Traminer.
All these are white wines, but red wines St. Laurent and Blue Portuguese are also choice ones.

Wine village Gumpoldskirchen, about 20 km (12.5 miles) south of Vienna in the thermal springs region with its favourable climate,
is first mentioned in a document of 1140, but it is far older that than.
Numerous finds give evidence of settlements her in prehistoric times.

The enchanting centre with is Renaissance-Höfe (buildings) and the arcaded Town Hall chiefly date from the 16th century.
The Gothic Parish Church St.Michael`s is cared for by the Teutonic Order.
It has a worthy counterpart in St.John`s Chapel of Thallern.

There is always season in wine-growing Gumpoldskirchen.
Green bushes invite you the "Heurigen" (wine taverns) throughout the year, and, moreover, there are two big wine festivals twice a year;
in Neustiftgasse in June, and in Wienerstraße in August.
Here "Spitzenweine" (best table wines) can be sampled, and old and new friends of the world-famous "Gumpoldskirchner"(wine) come together.

Gumpoldskirchen also ofters its guests a comprehensive programme of culture (exhibitions and concerts).

The wine of Gumpoldskirchen is justly praised as king of wines and wine of kings.
Soil condition, climate and the sites of the vineyards have established its fame.
Hard work, know-how, and experience of the vintagers have made its majesty.
Taste yourself: you will soon find out your favourite: Zierfandler,(Spätrot), Rotgipfler, Welschriesling, Rheinriesling, Neuburger,
Weißer Burgunder and the red wines Blauer Burgunder and Blauer Portugieser, and quite a few other delights are ready for sampling.

Info - Heurigentelephone 02252/62555
Info - Winegrowing o2252/62949
Info - Celebration of Wine 27.6. . 7.7.96 - 02252/62949
Info - Führungen in the cellar of the Guild of the Winegrowers o2252/62129
Info - Wineexport 02252/62129


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