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St.Michael`s Parisch Church, built between 1400 and 1450, is one of the most beautiful rural Gothic churches.
Two lovely Gothic statues (St.John and St.Peter) as well as five exquisite baroque altar pieces my be mentioned of its interior.

The Castle of the Teutonic Order next to the church with its core dating from the 15th and 16th centuries, was rebuilt again 50 years ago.

The Town Hall, erected in 1559 in the Renaissance style, is decorated at the outside with very fine, partly two-storey arcades.
It is one of the important secular buildings of the 16th century in Austria.

In front of the Town Hall is the Pillory, a huge stone column 15 ft hight.
Malefactors were put in the pillory for punishment, but it represented also a symbol of the local authorities.

Apart from these three rare objects there is a number of beautiful "Höfe" : the Berghof of the Benedictine Abbey of Melk,
the Benediktinerhof, once tenure of the Bavarian monastery Weihenstephan, as well as the Höfe of Schrannenplatz 7.
Kirchengasse 7, Wienerstraße 5 and many more nice houses, renovated in good taste.


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