Excursions and sparetime

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Tenniscourts, bicycle and walkways, also a modern freebath allow everybody an individual holiday formation.
Possible to play football. Beethoven-Weg.

Excursions and sparetimen

Hiking paths through the wineland

texts and figures about the winegrow. Glorious panorama to Gumpoldskirchen.

Walking-tour to Richardshof

30 min walk to a populare Restaurant. A wonderfoul look about Gumpoldskirchen and Anningerland.

Walking-tour to Anningerhaus

Stop at an inn, glorious woodways.

Walking-tour to the top of Anninger and to Wilhelmswarte

From the Wilhelmswarte you can see of the Wiener Becken to the Leithagebirge and Hundsheimer Bergen, the little Karpaten the Bergland in the south of NÖ
and when the weather is clear to the Ötscher the marked mountain in the Voralpenland.

Walking-tour to Jubiläumswarte

Walking-tour to Rudolf Proksch Hütte

Stop at an inn on the Pfaffstättnerkogel. Beside Aussichtswarte with marvellous look at the Wiener Becken and the mountainous in the south of NÖ.

Walking-tour to Badner Kurpark

Particular for that traveller, the come see rare plants and flowers. Walking-tour ca.2 1/2 h.

Walking-tour to Husarentempel

Little temple by Mödling. Walking-tour 2 h. Glorious look in the Vorderbrühl and on the ruin Mödling.

Walking-tour to the Ruine Mödling

Castle from the Babenbergerzeit. Walking-tour 1 1/2 h.

Walking-tour to the Seegrotte in the Hinterbrühl

The Seegrotte is a leave open gypsum-mine, be on view. With the biggest subterranean lake Europas. Walking-tour ca. 2 1/2 h.


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