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  • national coat of arms: he shield is divided by gold and red , the front one above the other three black , red tongue and armed lion.
  • Capital: Klagenfurt
  • Surface : 9,533 km2
  • Population: 561.000
  • A popular holiday destination with its many lakes and mild climate.
    His mighty mountain landscapes for mountain tours.

    The country is surrounded on all sides by mountains : to the north by the Hohe Tauern with Grossglockner 3,797 m
    and the Gurktaler Alps.

    To the west of the high Schober 3,240 m and the Lienz Dolomites with the Spitzkofel 2,718 m.

    On the eastern boundary lies the Koralpe
    the Carnic Alps, 2,780 m and the Krawanken to pull out of the highchair 2,238 m in the south.

    To AD 660 . Carinthia is part of the Slav Empire Kingdom of Samos.
    976 sovereigns are Luitpoldinger .

    1120 The Sponheiner be rulers .

    1269 The land falls to Ottokar of Bohemia, after his defeat govern My Hardinger in Carinthia.

    1335 The land is in the possession of the Habsburgs.

    1518 Klagenfurt is the capital.

    1809 - 1814 Carinthia under French rule.
    1849 Carinthia is crown land .
    1918 occupation of Yugoslavia , it comes to the freedom struggle .
    10/10/1920 plebiscite in Carinthia. Southern Carinthia remains in Austria .

    The Wörthersee is the largest lake in Carinthia and because of its climatic conditions , one of the warmest alpine lakes.

    Cities: Klagenfurt, Krumpendorf , Portschach , Maria Wörth , Velden, Reifnitz .

    The Klopeinersee in Southern Carinthia with its emerald color is 1.8 km long and 800 m wide. (Drinking water quality )

    Villach is the second largest city in Carinthia.

    Therme & Spa - Warmbad Villach and Bad Bleiberg Attractions in Klagenfurt , Villach and the surrounding area.
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