"Zwölf Apostelkeller"-Vindobona Betriebsführung Ges.m.b.H.
Geschäftszweck: Stadtheuriger
Firmenadresse: Sonnenfelsgasse 3
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Adresse: Stockerauer Straße 94, A-2100 Korneuburg
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Zwölf Apostelkeller  

A-1010  Vienna - Sonnenfelsgasse 3 -  Austria 

Daily open from 11.00 to 24.00 o'clock -  (daily original wine bar music from 19.00 o'clock)

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The 12 Apostelkeller: well known all over the world

Our long time serving staff and our own music band who play “Heurigenmusik” (traditional Austrian music) will make sure that you will have an unforgetable
cosy stay in wine tavern atmosphere. The 12A is well known for Viennese hospitality - even beyond the borders of Austria.

Our name 12A stands for tradition and enjoyment. Whether it is a romantic candlight dinner you want
or a private event for up to 390 people we can fulfill all your expectations.

Our Wines: Typically Austrian

We offer an extensive range of local wines. Our indigenous white wine varieties are “Grüner Veltliner”, “Welschriesling”,
 “Gelber Muskateller” as well as the “Gemischter Satz” (special Viennese wine).

We also offer a variety of red wines such as “Blaufränkischer”, “St. Laurent” and “Zweigelt”.
Among the many delicacies, it is undoubtedly the “Ribiselwein” (red current wine) that has achieved the greatest fame.
Hermito of Doderer, an Austrian author who published the novel “Strudelhofstiege” (The Strudelhof Steps) obtained his fame thanks to this special wine.

Our cuisine: Traditional Austrian

Our menu offers an extensive selection of traditional Austrian dishes.

We serve original “Wiener Schnitzel Kaiser Art" and “Tafelspitz” (traditional boiled beef).
The classic “Fiakergulasch” (beef goulash with sausages and fried egg) is one of our specialties and tastes great with a good beer.

Viennese cuisine is also well known for its tasty desserts. We offer a variety of sweets and deserts such as “Apfel,- und Topfenstrudel” (apple and cheese curd strudel)
as well “Powidltascherln” (dumplings filled with plum jam) and “Kaiserschmarren” (shredded pancake).

The historic "Twelve Apostles Keller" welcomes you to its romantic arches!

Three underground floors which are up to 18m in depth protect moments of history. The origins of the building go as far back as the Romanesque and Gothic period
with evidence from the year 1339. The masonry of the “Brunnenkeller” (well cellar) which uses stoneblocks characteristc of the period from about 1100.

The large gothic arch in the upper floor dates back to the year 1500. After its destruction the house was rebuilt in 1561 and was restored with
early barock styled gothic arches in the Brunnenkeller. The foundation stone in the “Brunnenkeller” is engraved with the year 1561.

In war times, for example the Turkish sieges of 1529 and 1683 the lower floors were used as places of refuge.
From this time the completely preserved Gothic “Brunnenstube” (dining room) in the cellar was the water source for the refugees.

The preseved Barock façade was designed by Viennese Architect Lucas von Hildebrandt between 1716 – 1721 and is still one of Viennas most beautiful facades.
The house is named after Hildebrant and is a listed building. The house is also known as “Elloisches Haus”.
In the building on the first floor there is a “Volutensprenggiebel” (gable arch) with a statue of our Lady of Mariazell with inscrition and chronogram (1717).
On September 8, 2007 Pope Benedict XVI visited Mariazell to celebrate a religious service (Vesper) on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the basillica.
At this point all sacred sites of Our Lady of Mariazell were blessed which includes the “Zwölf-Apostelkeller”.

Well-known artists, poets and painters have gathered over the years since the establishment of the "Twelve Apostles Keller" in 1952
and enjoy the magic and romance of the past years within these ancient vaults.

Your 12-A team

A piece of Viennese tradition  -  Meeting place for young and old