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National Park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel

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Getting to know the Neusiedler See Seewinkel National Park on foot

We`re assuming that, along with your binoculars or magnifying glass, your maps and your walk in a conservation area.
If you have any questions when you are planning your trip, contact the National Park Information Centre (02175/3442) In the conservation area itself, ona of the local wardens willbe able to help.
In general,you must not leave the proper paths, and you should note the sings banning vehicles from most side roads.


...you should visit every conservation area so that you don`t miss all the new things that are to be seen every day.
Apart from the pools, or"Lacke",the wet pasturelands,which are now submerged in water,are also interesting destinations for ornithologists.


Since the cycle path along the lake side of the area offers little peace and quiet for observation, the best way of getting to know the wide variety of flora and fauna is the "Middle Path",
which goes from the first side path of the main road after leaving Weiden/See (towards Gols).No cycling is permitted on this path.


LE The starting point for a walk is easy to find the "Gasthof Sattler" in the "HÖLLE", which can be reached by car via the delivery road that turns off to the right at the bus stop some 4km to the south of Podersdorf/See.
Starting with the Upper Stinkersee, it is possible to reach a whole series of water fowl conservation areas towards the South.
Depending on the position of the sun,you should walk first along the Eastern edge or along the approaches to the lake as far as the Zick Lacke.


There is a carpark on the main road from Apetlon, going towards Wallern.
From there, you can walk along the circular path along the Lange lacke to the southern edge of the Wörthen Lacke,where you will certainly find plenty of bird life.
At the eastern edge of the Lange Lack, the WWF has an interesting display all about this area in the EMCO-Seewinkelhof.


From the centre of Tadten, the pathway to the great bustaed conservation area is signposted.
The line of the causeway provides an unrestricted view across broad meadows, and there is an observation tower on the rght-hand side of the road.
This conservation area can also be reached by car from Andau.


...the best times for walking are of course the mornigs and the late afternoons.
Some of the pools dry out completely in the high summer, and white areas show how salty the bottoms of these pools are.


Of all the pools in the Seewinkel area, the Lower Stinkersee keeps its water the longest.
Coming from the Zick Lacke (lake road), you can reach the west side of this pool via the roadway from the north.
From the edge of the path you can watch a variety of migratory birds even in the high summer.


In recent years, the Lange lacke has mainly dried up in high summer, but the Lacke is still a good place to walk to.
It can be reached from the Apetlon-Frauenkirchen pathway or from the carpark on the road to Wallern.


This region to the south of both Apetlon and Illmitz acts as a buffer against the nature reserve, which is closed to the public.
You can begin your walk from the Apetlon side (one of the side roads) or from the Illmitz lake road (near the small wood to the left).
Twilight is a particularly good time to watch the large birds from the reed beds in flight.


...moderate temperatures mean that long walks can once again be enjoyed in the middle of the day.
The grape harvest in the Seewinkel area lasts from the end of August to the middle of October-you`llbe able to ask the grape pickers for a few extra walking tips!


In the early mornings, the geese leave their roosting places on the water for the feeding grounds, to return in the evening twilight.
The ducks,on the other hand, generally arrive at the lakes in the morning.


...many days are ideal for walking, if there is no wind.
You can walk along the whole east bank of the Neusiedler See, from Weiden to Sandeck, along the Apetlon Hof are two former Hungarian border towers which offer a superb view across the National Park`s nature reserve.

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