Welcome to Piringsdorf

In Austria´s only basket-making village you can experience the centuries-old tradition of making baskets, as well as a friendly and informal atmosphere and untouched nature.

Weave with us!

Make your own personal necessary or decoration items, instructed by professionals.

Relax !

Medical Mineral Springs

On 4 hectares of land belonging to the community, there are two mineral and medical springs. Neither of the springs has ever been used economically - they serve as a source of mineral water for the population.

The first mineral spring is an artesian well and produces 4 litres per second. The water comes from a depth of 86m.

The second spring produces about 100.000 litres per day.

CommunitySupplierShort Description
PlätzgrabenTC Piringsdorf3 tennis courts are available. Bookings:Karl Stifter 
PlätzgrabenTC Piringsdorfsauna is available on Fridays and Saturdays. Bookings: 02616/8390
Piringsdorf, Rabnitzstr. 86municipality of Piringsdorfbasket making museum, tour approx.30 min.;bookings:local administrative offive,02616/8713
LambachDr. Paul Esterhazy´sche Forstverwaltung Dörflfishing, annual season ticket, bookings:Ing.Alexander Prenner, 02616/8712
Piringsdorf surroundings cycle tracks with connection to Zöbertal and Stoberbachtal
Piringsdorfhiking and walking trails through untouched nature

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