Trip possibilities


Schloss Esterhazy

Schloss Halbturn

The baroque basilica "Maria auf der Heide", castle Halbturn that presents annual exhibitions, the home museum Mönchhof and Neusiedl,
the national park Neusiedlersee - Seewinkel (guided tours cost about Euro 7.70,--),
the state capital Eisenstadt (castle Esterhazy, the state museum, the mountain church, the grave of Joseph Haydn), castle Forchtenstein,
Vienna´s sights, the meadow of Hainburg, Petronell, Carnuntum (excavations of the time of the Romans), Bratislava (Slovakia),
Budapest (Hungary), Fertöd (about 30 km - regular castle of the princes Esterhazy), Sopron (shopping city - attractive center of the old part of town).

St. Martins Therme Lodge

The St Martins Therme lies in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe –
the Seewinkel area, and its snail-like form is an oasis of tranquility.


Basilica Maria auf der Heide


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