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Balsam for Body and Soul

A selection of massages offers our guests many different options for recovering after an active vacation day spent in Zell am See.
Replenish your energy reserves, treat your body to a time-out, and simply escape the outside world. After a treatment from our two masseuses, Anna-Maria and Viktoria, you will practically feel re-born,
and ready for the next highlights you are about to experience in magical Zell am See.

Our massage offerings

Tuina - ancient Chinese healing massage
Relaxes muscles and tendons, strengthens the function of organs, regulates circulation of blood and
vital energies. Helps with tension, digestion problems, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, spinal
dysplasia, hip misalignment, ...

25 mins.
50 mins.

€ 30.00
€ 60.00
Treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
Physio-acupoint therapy and Tuina combined. After a thorough examination, meridians and acupoint
areas are treated with a therapy stick, moxa, negative-pressure cups and/or HCI needles. A holistic
approach to therapy.

50 mins.

€ 60.00
ASIArome - relaxing massage
ASIArome - a symbiosis of knowledge from East and West. ASIArome unites portions of TCM and
aroma therapy to stimulate energy flow. Stress, poor lifestyle and immune deficiency inhibit the natural
flow of energy in the body. With the help of ASIArome treatment, you will restore your life energies.

50 mins.

€ 68.00
Aroma Oil Massage
Simply designed to create a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Jojoba oil is individually attuned to essential
oils and gently massaged in. A true gift for everyone.

50 mins.

€ 60.00
Pain Therapy for the Spine and Joints
Pain has a role to play: It is the body's way of telling us that we are in the process of causing it some damage.
Only when you understand this language are you able to get down to the root cause of pain and do
something about it, naturally and with long-term benefits, without having to resort to medications or even
surgery. Individually tailored therapy for the pelvis, spine and joints.

50 mins.

€ 60.00
Classic full massage 50 mins. € 60.00
Classic back massage 25 mins. € 30.00
Foot reflexology massage 50 mins. € 60.00
Foot reflexology massage 25 mins. € 30.00