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Seegrotte Hinterbrühl Schaubergwerke GmbH
Grutschgasse 2a
A-2371 Hinterbrühl

Tel.: +43 (0)2236 / 26364
Fax.: +43 (0)2236 / 26364
E-Mail: office@seegrotte.at


A stupendous catastrophe is responsible for the fact that southern Lower Austria is harbouring one of the most spectacular natural monuments of the world today: the "SEEGROTTE" in Hinterbrühl.
In 1912 an underground blasting operation in the gypsum mine "Hinterbrühl" went awry and caused 20 million litres of water to gush forth from behind the rock.
The lower level galleries and adits of the mine were flooded, creating the largest subterranean lake in all of Europe.


As a consequence the mine remained closed for years until eventually in the 1930´s an international team of cave explorers discovered the unique natural spectacle.
With great enthusiasm they undertook to make this curiosity accessible to the general public as a showmine. From the beginning the "SEEGROTTE" turned out to be a touristic attraction of the first order.
More than 10 million visitors from around the world have since been welcomed in the former mine, 250 000 of them just last year alone.
During World War II the "SEEGROTTE" was requisitioned by the German military forces.
 Due to the fact that the subterranean site offered greatest possible protection against bombing raids the national "Heinkel Werke" set up an aircraft factory inside the far flung tunnels of the "SEEGROTTE".
2000 workers were employed here to produce the first jetfighter of the world, the "HE 162" as it was known, a model of which as well as some original parts are on display inside the "SEEGROTTE".
After the war the "SEEGROTTE" was reopened as a tourist attraction. There are tours of inspection all year every day (in several languages) including a romantic motor boat trip
on the largest subterranean lake of Europe.(Führungsdauer ca. 45min)

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