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  • The state coat of arms : In a green label with silver panther.
    It comes from the time in the 12th century , after the Duke seal Ottokar III .
  • Capital: Graz
  • Area: 16.388 km²
  • Population: 1,21 Millionen
  • landscape : mountains and glaciers in the north- west , sunny wine country in the south,
    Fruit growing , meadows and woods , far more than sixty percent of the area is covered with forests,
    hence the nickname " Green Mark " . His name , the country of the former family seat of the Earls of " Styria " .
    Landscape : High mountains and glaciers in the north- west , sunny wine country in the south, wide fruit growing ,
    Meadows and woods in the hills and wetlands of the East.


    • 1 Jh. v. Chr. The Romans occupy the eastern Alps areas .
    • 4 Century, the end of the Roman rule .
    • 6/7 Century Styria is part of the Slavic duchy Karantania .
    • 8 Century Karantania falls to the Frankish Empire .
    • 907 Styria falls to Hungary .
    •  955 Otto the Great defeated the Hungarians . The Duchy of Styria .
    • 1192 Styria falls to the Babenberg .
    • 1246 Hungary and Bohemia to fight for the country.
    • 1254 Styria Hungary is awarded .
    • 1260 Styria falls in Bohemia.
    • 1379 Styria falls to the Habsburgs.
    • 1829 Archduke Johann settled in Styria and marries the Ausseerin Anna Ploch .
    • 1919 South Styria is ceded to Yugoslavia.

The clock tower (28m high), the traditional symbol of the city on the Schlossberg with a magnificent view over the city is the glass elevator in the mountain, or on the Schlossberg stairs - 260 steps to reach.

The heavenly panorama of the Schladming Tauern and the Dachstein massif, ski slopes in the winter, hiking and climbing in the summer are a relaxation for body and soul ..

 Lipizzanergestüt  Piber
The famous famous Lipizzaner horses located in Koeflach. Here the noble stallions are bred for the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.