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Coat of arms :
At a silver shield , with three equally wide red Lätzen , the Montfort war banner.
At the top you can see three rings.
The coat of arms is derived from the Count of Montfort and exists since the year 1181st

Capital: Bregenz
Area: 2601 km ²
Population: 343 100
Landscape :
High mountains with beautiful valleys in the east, levels in the Rhine Valley and in Walgau ,
Central Mountains with meadows and forests in the Bregenz Forest.
Separated from the rest of Austria by a high mountain range , opens in the west to the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance,
and thus to Switzerland and Bavaria .

Around 400 v. Chr.enters from the north , a Celtic tribe a .
15 v. Chr.: The Romans defeated the Celts and founded the trading city Brigantium today Bregenz.
982 : Bregenz is residence of the counts of the family of Udalrichinger .
12th century : The land between Lake Constance and the Arlberg , it gradually changes over to the Habsburgs.
1805-1814 : Vorarlberg is under Bavarian rule.
1814 : The country falls back to Austria .
1918 :
Vorarlberg State .

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