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Roaming through the City by Fiaker

Noble horse drawn carriages or busses for Round trips, Weddings, Gift Certificates/Vouchers, Sightseeing , Proms, Graduation, Corporate Events, Congresses,
Hotel/Restaurant transfer, Movie, TV, Advertising in Vienna or the whole EU - we make nearly everything possible!

Our different coaches:

All our coaches are equipped with foldable tops which can be closed within 3 minutes.
Depending on the weather conditions the coaches are fitted with blankets.

On average our coaches are older then 100 years. During the winter season the coaches are restored.

Actually we offer the following configurations:

  1. Glaslandauer - dunkelblau / elfenbein
  2. Glaslandauer - weinrot / elfenbein
  3. Glaslandauer - dunkelgrün / elfenbein
  4. Lederlandauer - elfenbein / schwarz
  5. Victoria - komplett weiß / innen dunkelblau tapeziert
  6. Victoria - dunkelaubergine elegant

Experience our city as the imperial period, traditionally the original Fiaker,
without haste and stress

The route leads to the most beautiful remarkable places and Vienna shows you in all glory.

As the convertible open to all sides, you can enjoy the view even up to the beautiful sculptures,
roof works and fasades in various styles.

Pitches: Stephansplatz - Heroes'Square-Opera/Albertina

Prices are always (season) per cab fpr max. 4 adults + AI - from Monday-Sunday / 8 - 20 clock/and from the same stand.


The wedding of your Dreams

Pure romantic

For this most beautiful day in the life of two people there is no impressive way as to drive with the withe horses in the personal heaven.

The wedding carriage can be drawn by two or four horses, depending on your decision.

And this is for sure, this day will be a unforgettable memory

Standard program:

Bride and brides male attendant pickup - drive to church or civil registry office -
meet the waiting bridegroom an all other guests.

After the ceremony its the right time to arrange the Agape (small buffet for guests who are not joining the dinner table). Meanwhile the bridal couple can meet the photographer

Afterwards the newly married couple will be driven to their personal happiness.
The right time to enjoy the togetherness - the last change before the dinner table.
The celebration guests will drive behind the wedding carriage and will make a warm welcome
for the married couple at the dinner table.

There is enough time for photo shooting and maybe for a small trip with the childern in the wedding carriage.

For driving times and price calculation we need the following information:

Pickup date, time and place, tihe duration of the and wedding ceremony as well as the duration of the Agape
(departure of the bridal couple) - time,
duration and place where to meet the photographer

Address from the dinner table

Pickup time, ride time to the wedding ceremony possible stopovers will be forwarded to you after
we have checked the driving route (we dont like surprises like road works, etc ).

For your additional Information:

Our horses are all very well trained. They complety rely on us and so they will wait without problems at the curch
also the roadtraffice did not harm them.

It makes no differnce if you choose 2, 4 or in special cases 6 horses, our well trained coachman and women
will drive you saftly to your choosen targets.

If you want we can offer you a cooled bottle of Sekt or Champaigne during the trip.  

If our wedding will take place in an outer district of vienna , in other places within austria or maybe if you selected
a place within another EU country we will use
our Coachtransporter to transport the Horses and Coaches to a place near your choosen place.

Due to our long experience we can offer many different possibilities. In a discussion with you we will find the perfect fitting way for your requrements..

We are sure that the
+ described effort,
+ our perfect restaurated original coaches
+ the well trained horses
+ and our team
will also satisfy you!
Ask for the prices, wedding carriages start at 250.--

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