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Wiener Riesenrad / The Giant Ferris Wheel


The roller coaster
Kremser & Co., Prater 113

Great fun for young and old, the oldest and most traditional system in the Wiener Prater

A trip on Vienna's oldest roller coaster is simply a must for each visit to the Prater.
A nostalgic classic among the attractions, it is still a hit with young and old.

The roller coaster is one of the few remaining traditional buildings in Vienna's Prater.
Here, joyful experiences and memories of past generations can be passed on.

Passengers ascend and descend through rocky landscapes, dark caves and past villages and rivers.
The mischievous garden gnomes, which are placed along the track to give the ride its second name: Zwergerlbahn.


Viennese Prater, 1020 Vienna
Entrance von Prater Hauptallee | Near Schweizerhaus
Phon.: 01 / 7295888


The unique bike rental in Vienna

Bike rental, service and roadside assistance! Vienna's oldest roller coaster offers bike rental in all sizes for the entire family.

Whether a lady, gent, child, BMXer, couple, or family - the selection is particularly large.
For romantics, cycling for two is possible as tandems and rickshaws are available.

In addition to the roller coaster, our family-friendly company also operates a unique bike rental in Vienna - about 300 bicycles are available.
Bike rental for the whole family:

  • Women and men bicycles
  • BMX
  • children bicycles
  • City and Mountain Bikes
  • rickshaws
  • Chopper
  • tandems
  • Scooter
  • Tret-Mobile

Child seats for free! Package prices for schools, teachers free.

  • Roadside assistance / spare parts: Also at the weekend
  • Bike garage: EUR 15, - / month (including cleansing + control)
  • Bicycle service: small: EUR 25, - / large: EUR 50, - (including cleaning, without material)
  • Rickshaw hire: parties, weddings and promotional tours.
  • Rickshaw sale: Various models (new and used)

Custom design is possible - own production


Haunted Castle

Kolnhofer, Prater 17, open all the year round
10am - midnight. 
When the Haunted Castle ("Geisterschloß") opened in 1949, it was called Haunted Mill ("Geistermühle").
Later it was remodelled and equipped with more and new scary figures. The huge talking and moving gorilla next to the cashdesk,
maybe the mascot of the Haunted Castle, was put up in 1985. In 1992, the roof of the Haunted Castle was renovated.
The figures and monsters are constantly being renewed. On the trip through the Castle you pass lots of different ghosts,
monsters and other scary figures. Among the different monsters waiting for courageous visitors behind every corner,
you will also encounter a skeleton drinking red wine. Even the decoration of the departure hall is extravagant and and makes
you feel like taking a trip through the dark scary castle!
School classes are welcome.
Variable opening hours are possible; please make appointments.


Nichts für schwache Nerven" heißt die Devise bei diesem Rundfahrgeschäft, wenn es rasant im Kreis geht!
Hartgesottene Freunde der schnellen Drehung kommen im EXTASY voll auf ihre Kosten!
EXTASY ist eine FULL-POWER-FAHRT, die kopfüber für haufenweise Adrenalinschübe sorgt!

Neu: 1. Rundfahrtgeschäft in der Halle.
Extasy - Ein Karussell der Superlative stellt sich vor.
Extasy ist ein nach dem letzten Stand der Technik gefertigtes Karussell, welches keine Wünsche offen lässt.
Extasy ist ein neues Rundfahrgefühl!
Extasy kann sowohl mit Oma und ihrem Lieblingsenkel gemütlich seine Runden drehen, oder aber auch Full-Power-Fahrten absolvieren,
bei welchen selbst hartgesottene Karussellfreunde noch auf ihren Adrenalinausstoß kommen.

Ganzjährig geöffnet!
Extasy wurde sehr gefühlvoll in eine seit 50 Jahren bestehenden Halle eingebaut, von welcher alleine schon die interessante Dachkonstruktion
eine Attraktion darstellt.
Somit ist zum Vergnügen aller Praterbesucher für Extasy ein jedem Schlechtwetter trotzender Betrieb möglich.
Sie finden Extasy gleich neben dem ältesten Geisterschloss Europas, welches sich ebenso wie Extasy im Besitz von Familie Kolnhofer befindet.

Old and New at the Wiener Prater

Alfred u. Gerhild Kern
Prater 3, 18b, 105, 1020 Vienna, 
The Alfred and Gerhild Kern company has been resident in the Prater for over 100 years.
The grandfather already had some merry-go-rounds and the first silent films were also presented here in the Prater.
In former times, the Kern cinema was famous in Vienna for showing westerns.

Elite Dodgem

Right after the war, the Kern family started to build up their destroyed business. Among many other things the "Elite" dodgem was built in 1946 
The incomparable trademark of the dodgem is the "Adabei", a figure with a red-lit nose right in the middle of the circuit.
This figure symbolizes the typical friendly Viennese, always grouching a little, but still wearing a friendly smile. 

Merry-Go-Rounds for Children

Of course we also think of our youngest guests. The Kern family also operates 4 merry-go-rounds for children, 2 nostalgic ones, 1 cup and a modern one.
These merry-go-rounds can also be rented on a daily basis. If you throw a party for your children, at home in the garden or in the street,
dont´t hesitate to rent one of our merry-go-rounds. 


The Superman is an ultramodern high-tech experience. At a hight of almost 20 m you will do fourfold loopings, spin around and come down headfirst.
A great and unique feeling, which anyone with enough courage can try safely..


The Kern family operates yet another high-tech roundabout: the "Tornado" is also located on the main road of the Prater ("Strasse des 1. Mai") .
With this roundabout, you can experience flying. At a hight of over 24 m your car spins around, does loopings and goes down headfirst.

Café Restaurant Luftburg

Kolarik Gastronomie Betriebsges.m.b.H company
Prater 128/ 1020 Vienna

The Luftburg Restaurant is open daily all the year round and offers something for every taste. Exquisite international and Viennese cooking; fresh salads.
Don ´t forget to try our grilled specialities like spare ribs.

Great fresh beer, for example draught Budweiser. A beautiful big garden with huge old trees, bar room with tiled stove,
banqueting hall in Old Viennese style. Parking lot, space for bicycles.

A map is available.

Miniature train "Liliputbahn" in the Prater

A ride with the Liliputbahn is a great experience for old and young; you can go as far as the stadium.
A good opportunity for a trip into nature or a walk to the Lusthaus, to the horse races in the Krieau or to Maria Grün.
You can also take a fantastic walk along the Danub.

Little Golfplatz Prater


Johann Dallinger
Gastronomie u. Freizeitbetriebe
Zufahrtsstrasse 152 / 1020 Wien

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