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Technical Data

Total height: 64,75 m
Diameter of the Wheel: 60,96 m (=200 feet)
Height of axis centre: 34.20 m
Total weight of the iron structure: 430,05 t
Turning speed: 0,75 m/sec = 2,7 km/h
Number of cabins: 15 (prior to 1945: 30)
Since 1987 cabin nr. 30 serves as a luxuy cabin
Adults Euro 9,50
with VIENNA Card Euro 8,50
Groups (from 10 persons) per person Euro 9,50
Children up to age 3 FREE
Children aged 3 - 14 Euro 4,00
Family tickets
2 adults + 2 children up to 14 Euro 24,00
2 adults + 3 children up to 14 Euro 25,00
2 adults + 4 children up to 14 Euro 26,00
Teachers and accompanying adults with school groups Euro 5,00
School groups (up to age 14) per person Euro 3,50
School groups (from age 14) per person Euro 5,50
Nursery school groups (per child) Euro 1,00
Students Euro 8,50
Visitors with Disabilities Euro 5,00

Vienna's Prater - The Giant Ferris Wheel

Ever since it opened, the Giant Ferris Wheel has been a symbol of Vienna's Prater district,
and with its famous silhouette seen from far off it has become the city's trademark.
The Giant Ferris Wheel, erected by the British engineer Walter B. Besset, has the proud distinction, in contrast to other wheels in London, Blackpool, Paris, or Chicago, of having withstood all the natural catastrophes and acts of war to which it has been subjected.
Following the destruction of the entire operating system and all the cabins in 1945 by bombs and fire, the Giant Ferris Wheel, like the city it symbolises, very soon began to rise from the ashes to turn again.
On 1 May The Giant Ferris Wheel entered a new epoch.

1020 Wien, Prater 20
Telefon: 0043/1/729 54 30
Fax.: 0043/1/729 54 30 20

The Giant Ferris Wheel, trademark of Austria's capital city and a symbol of Vienna's world-famous Prater District, creates a very special point of reference for every visitor with its unmistakeable silhouette, clearly visible even from great distances.

A circular trip on one of the most significant and fascinating structures in the world, and the unique view of the city of Vienna, make the Giant Ferris Wheel an absolute cultural and architectural must for every visitor to Austria's capital.

Luxury Cabins and Hire Cabins:

15 cabins provide visitors with a unique "round trip experience." From journeys in cabins of the style of the year 1897 to small-scale celebrations, press conferences, or a romantic dinner for two in our luxury cabins, the "Jubiläumswaggon"
If you’re looking for something special, why not book a romantic crystal dinner for two in the Crystal Wagon specially designed by SWAROVSKI VIENNA? The offer additionally includes a surprise gift from SWAROVSKI Vienna.

Our hire cabins are popular with travel operators and companies for a heavenly trip accompanied by a glass of champagne.

We are always pleased to provide you with information about our range of services for your event at the Giant Ferris Wheel.

Be it a presentation or press conference, proposal of marriage, birthday or anniversary celebration, stag night or children's party, brunch or lunch – everything is possible.


1897 The Giant Ferris Wheel was erected to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef I, marking fifty years of his reign and at the same time becoming a permanent feature of Vienna's rooftop skyline.

1898 To draw attention to the poverty and dire social conditions of both herself and her husband, Vienna citizen Marie Kindl hangs herself from the window of one of the cabins during a ride.
1914 As part of a film, Madame Solange d'Atalide, a successful circus manageress and rider, completes a revolution of the Giant Ferris Wheel sitting on a horse on the roof of one of the cabins.
1916 Approval is issued by a law court authorising the demolition of the Giant Ferris Wheel, something which was never carried out due to shortage of funds.
1920 More and more U.S. film producers start to use the Giant Ferris Wheel as a motif, with the panorama of Vienna in the background.
1944 The Giant Ferris Wheel is burnt down.
1945 The Wheel is rebuilt, at the same time as the reconstruction of St. Stephen's Cathedral, the State Opera House, and the Burgtheater.
1947 Taken back into operation.
2002 The Giant Ferris Wheel enters a new epoch.

On 1 May 2002 the eight lost cabins were returned. They form a Wheel of History in the Panorama and take visitors back on a journey through the history of Vienna and stories of the Prater.

Since 1 May 2002 the Giant Ferris Wheel has illuminated the night skies of Vienna bathed in gold and silver light.

On 1 May 2002 the Prater and Vienna gained a new attraction which harmoniously brings together the old and the new, the past and the very present, tradition and high-tech.

2008 “Wander in”
Stroll on in and experience the diversity of Vienna's new gateway to enjoyment. Here, the traditional and the modern meld into a unique mélange -- of new and old, of business and entertainment, of high hospitality and the incomparable atmosphere of the Prater. Vienna charm, delights for the senses, the spectacle, business, magic… All at once – at the Riesenradplatz in Vienna! You have to have seen it!