Original Wiener Walzer Konzerte
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Johann Strauss Jr. himself used to direct his orchestra in the concert hall of Kursalon. Today, you can travel back in time as the enchanting highlights of Vienna’s classical music can once again be heard every day.
Double delight
With our Concert & Dinner package, you can combine the musical delights of the concert in the Lanner Hall of the Kursalon
with a delicious gala dinner in the stylish surroundings of our Restaurant Johann.

A concert combined with an excellent dinner visit to the Kursalon certainly an unforgettable experience!

Dinner: daily at 6.00 pm or 10.00 pm

The concerts take place every day at 20.15 clock in the Kursalon
(Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Vienna).

Reservation for Concert & Dinner


Strauss & Mozart Konzerte in the Kursalon Vienna

                     The Vienna Kursalon was built between the years 1865 and 1867 by Johann Garber in the style of the Italian Renaissance.
                     After two years of restoration, the Kursalon sparkles in renewed splendour, inviting audiences to experience the musical pleasures
                     That have thrilled visitors since the famed Promenade Concerts of the brothers Strauss.
                     The Wiener Kursalon is one of the most beautiful concert venues in the heart of Vienna.
                     Take part in this unforgettable evening filled with Viennese charm and joi-de-vivre.
                     Enjoy the unique ambience and partake of this wonderful musical journey through time.

                     Originally, the Kursalon attracted only a few visitors, as the beautiful facilities were used solely as a spa.
                     Concerts and other entertainment were strictly forbidden. But the thirst for music was greater than that for water.
                     Only a year after its opening, the first Johann Strauss Concert took place on October 15th, 1868. Since then, the events have become an attraction within the musical life of Vienna.
                     The Salonorchester "Alt Wien" upholds this.


The Concert

                    The Salonorchester "Alt Wien", one of the best known performers of Viennese classical music, ignites explosive fireworks with the most beautiful of compositions by "Waltz King" Johann Strauss and his contemporaries.
                    Virtuosic musicians, extraordinary opera singers, and enchanting ballet dancers present an evening filled with Viennese charm and joyful waltzes, polkas, and operetta melodies of the highest artistic calibre.
                     Donning traditional clothing, the "Original Wiener Walzer Orchester", presents a thrilling journey through the "Golden Age of Music" in Vienna with this joyful show of famous Strauss melodies.
                    We invite you to enjoy the historically unique ambience of the Wiener Kursalon with a glass of champaigne.
                    Let yourself be transported by the charm of waltzes to the world of waltzes performed by breathtaking dancers and captivating operetta singers. 

                                                                                                                                                        Salonorchester "Alt Wien"

                    The Salonorchester "Alt Wien" was founded in 1994 by the concertmaster of the Vienna Volksoper, Prof. Udo Zwölfer.
                    Sold-out concert halls and enthusiastic reviews attest to their musical excellence. The primary concern of the Salonorchester "Alt Wien" is that vital care be taken of Viennese classical music.
                    This, combined with the joy of music-making, distinguishes this orchestra, as did the concerts of Johann Strauss and his contemporaries more than a hundred years ago.

                    The repertoire spans the works of Strauss, Lanner, Ziehrer, as well as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and traditional "Schrammeln" and Salonmusik.
                    This chamber orchestra uses uniquely adapted arrangements that have been carefully constructed based on the original scores of the composers themselves.
                    Distinguished singers and ballet dancers add to the extraordinary musical achievements and enchant audiences.
                    An authentic concert experience, which enables a musical journey through time!
The Waltz Tradition

                   What is known as the Viennese Waltz began as a real Viennese melange. Around 1800, several different folk tunes were combined to form a new dance form that became increasingly popular.
                   Famous violinists from Linz and musicians from other parts of Austria performed their melodies in Viennese inns.
                   The simple Ländler (country) and Deutscher (German) folk dances mixed with melodies from popular opera to create the unmistakable dance in three-quarters-time.
                   During the time of the Vienna Congress (1814-15), the Viennese Waltz had already reached international fame.
                   The excellent musicians Joseph Lanner (1801 - 1843) and Johann Strauss, father (1804 - 1849) made the Viennese Waltz respectable.
                   Strauss joined forces with the trio of violinist Lanner, and the orchestra which emerged soon thereafter, played their firey waltzes for balls, as well as in gardens and in traditional Viennese taverns known as Beisl.
                   Later, Strauss founded his own band and soon a competition of the highest artistic productivity arose.
                  Johann Strauss had the greatest successes. His band evolved to an extraordinary orchestra, which brought the Viennese Waltz to the rest of the world. 
Wiener Johann Strauss Capelle

                   The "Wiener Johann Strauss Capelle" was re-established in 1977.
                   In the shortest amount of time, it gained great distinction both in Austria and abroad. It is considered a high duty to continue the tradition of the Capelle,
                   whose original founder and conductor was Johann Strauss himself.
                   The music specifically composed for the "Wiener Johann Strauss Capelle" by the Strauss-dynasty, is presented in traditional clothing and authentic arrangements. 

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